Easy DIY Spring Wreath

Easy DIY Spring Wreath

Spring is my absolute favorite season of the year. It’s impossible not to get excited about all the pretty flowers and adorable rabbits everywhere. One of the first things I do to celebrate spring’s arrival is make a new wreath for our door.

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It all starts with a trip to the local craft store where I check out their selection of seasonal flowers. This year I found tulips in shades of pink and other pastel colors along with some grass-like greenery. Then I grab a roll of spring ribbon that looks good with the flowers.

If pink or tulips aren’t your thing, try blue and purple hydrangeas, yellow forsythia, or anything else that catches your eye.

You’ll also need a base for your wreath. I usually use a grapevine wreath as it works with almost any flowers. (Unlike spring flowers and ribbon the wreaths aren’t often on sale, so check what coupons are available for your store.)

Don’t forget to think about how you’re going to hang the wreath. If I’m not using ribbon in the wreath itself, I use a length of it as a hanger to soften the look. There are lots of other options including outdoor Command hooks and over the door style hangers.

While you can put together your wreath on any flat surface with enough space, a metal craft easel that holds the wreath upright can make it easier.


  • Wreath base – an 18-inch wreath looks good on most standard doors
  • Fake flowers – depending on the wreath size and how much of the base you want showing, pick up 2-4 large bunches, plus any greenery or other “filler”
  • Ribbon


  • Wire cutters
  • Craft/low-temp glue gun and glue sticks
  • Scissors


Cut your bunches of flowers into individual short stems using the wire cutters. (Thicker stems can be tricky. If the cutters aren’t able to go all the way through, cut through the plastic enough to make an indentation in the wire, then bend the wire back and forth until it breaks.)

tulip bunches cut into short stems

Add a dab of hot glue to the stem of each flower and quickly insert it into the wreath, spacing as desired. Fill in with any greenery you would like, trimming the lengths as needed.

tulips hot glued to wreath

Add ribbon by weaving it around the wreath, making a bow for the wreath, or using a loop to hang the wreath. Attach with hot glue where needed.

ribbon added to spring wreath