Plan a Family Game Night

Plan a Family Game Night

As many of us are staying in rather than going out these days, a family game night is an easy way to bring everyone together for some fun. Here are a few things to consider to make it as successful as possible.

While it may work for your family to have a game night on the spur of the moment, we like to pick a specific date and time to set aside for it. We also have some ground rules in place, such as everyone silencing their phones. You can set expectations for things like how games are chosen, how any teams are picked, etc., as well.

Beyond the games (more on that below!), there likely aren’t any supplies you need you don’t already have on hand. But, you can make it special with some simple touches.

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Most important are fun snacks. Our favorites are big bowls of Go Fish Munchin’ Mix and popcorn from our air popper, but the possibilities are endless. A sweet Chex Mix, chips and dip, peanut butter-filled pretzels, or really anything that is a little bit of a treat for your family will fit the bill.

Small bowls or plates for everyone along with plenty of napkins will help contain potential messes. And don’t forget beverages for both the kids and adults.

You may already have a stockpile of games on hand that your family enjoys. If not, or if you’re looking for something new to try, here are some of the most-liked from our collection.

Depending on the different ages of your family members, you may want to pick a few shorter games or one longer game.

Be sure you have pens or pencils handy if your games require them, as well as blank paper to keep score on if needed. You can even get a dedicated game night notebook!

Other than that, you just need to pick a place to play. You can use a folding card table, your kitchen or dining room table, or even your coffee table. Any flat surface that is large enough and has plenty of light will work. Make sure you use a cushioned table cloth or other protective covering if the surface could be damaged by over-enthusiastic dice rolling or other aspects of game play.

It’s nice to take a few minutes ahead of the designated game time to get everything set up as you would if you were having guests over. Gather all your supplies together, lay out the snacks and drinks, and do any initial game set up. Then it’s time to just sit back and have some fun!